Event ID 1026

KB ID 0000134 


Event ID 1026

The DNS server was unable to create a name in memory for name “<host name>” in zone “<zone name>” in the Active Directory. This directory name is ignored. Use the DNS console to recreate the records associated with this name or check that the Active Directory is functioning properly and reload the zone. The event data contains the error. 

DNS cant be updated with the name of something thats trying to add itself to DNS.


  1. This is due to DNS nodes that have characters in them windows does not like (e.g. ! ‘ etc) you can delete them in the following way
  2. Start > run > dsa.msc
  3. View > Advanced Features
  4. Domain name > System > Microsoft DNS
  5. Note any records for reverse DNS zones that longer exist should be removed from here at this point
  6. Then locate then offending entries (they will have a type of ‘dnsnode’) and delete them.

However if you have machines on the network that are going to “re-register” themselves (e.g Apple Mac’s Firewalls and routers – then the problem will reoccur)

If the problem does reoccurs then you need to go to the DNS server and ALLOW names it does not allow by default (note this is not recommended by Microsoft) If you want to do this.


      • On the DNS server Start > Administrative tools > DNS
      • Right click the server name > properties > Advanced
      • Change the Name Checking section to “All Names”
      • Restart the DNS Server service (or right click the Server name > All tasks > Restart


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