Event ID 112

KB ID 0000114 


Microsoft Exchange OLEDB was unable to register OnSyncSave event for Schema propagation on MDB startup HRESULT = 0x8000ffff.


More than one schema-root object is listed in your public folders (the system public) folders, its trial and error to discover which one to get rid off, but non destructive.

1. Open Exchange system manager
2. Expand Administrative Groups > First administrative group > Folders > Right click > Select “View System Folders”
3. Is there more than one schema-root? If so rename the oldest one to OLDSchema-rootOLD
4. Start > Run > Services.msc
5. Locate the “Microsoft Exchange Information Store” And right click > Restart
6. Start > Run > Eventvwr.msc make sure there are no 1194 or 111 errors if there are you renamed the wrong one.

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Author: Migrated

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