Make Vista RDP Behave Like XP RDP

KB ID 0000098


If Like me you haver to open multiple RDP sessions to lots of different clients, who all have differend domain names and passwords then the move to Vista can be a shock to the system, as far as RDP goes anyway. If you want to bend the version of RDP shipped with vista to behave like the old one did in XP you will need to the following.


1. Locate your default.rdp file (it’s usually in my documents).


2. Now open this file using notepad. Start > run > notepad > File Open > Change the file type from txt to “All files” > navigate to default.rdp and open it.

3. Paste the following two lines onto the END

EnableCredSSPSupport:i:0 prompt for credentials:i:0

4. Then Start > Run mstsc {enter} > Options > Advanced > Change server authentication to “Do Not attempt authentication”

rdp authentication


* Pre v 6.00


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