Deploy Dual Virtual ASA Firewalls In Active/Standby Failover

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Now you have created your Virtual ASA platform you want to deploy 2 of them in failover configuration.



Software To Download

Qemu with ASA



Sample Batch File

@echo off ECHO Telnet to on port 1234 to access ASA Console ECHO ——————————————————- ECHO * * * * * * *DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOWS* * * * * * * * qemupcap -L . -hda FLASH1 -hdachs 980,16,32 -kernel vmlinuz -initrd asa-nolina.gz -m 256 –no-kqemu -append “auto nousb ide1=noprobe bigphysarea=16384 console=ttyS0,9600n8 hda=980,16,32” -net nic,vlan=0,model=pcnet,macaddr=00:aa:00:00:01:01 -net pcap,vlan=0,ifname=DeviceNPF_{120662E6-8B8B-4A6D-A0B1-9159DBD283BA} -net nic,vlan=1,model=pcnet,macaddr=00:aa:00:00:01:02 -net pcap,vlan=1,ifname=DeviceNPF_{BF1F38D4-5D13-4DA2-B50B-17B1F35B1FA8} -net nic,vlan=2,model=pcnet,macaddr=00:aa:00:00:02:02 -net pcap,vlan=2,ifname=DeviceNPF_{2AA77C53-B558-4E7C-A377-E92BF9FAF1BB} -serial telnet::1234,server,nowait

MAKE SURE ALL THE MAC ADDRESSES AND Network ID’s are unique!!!!!!

Commands to enter at Telnet

modprobe e100 ifconfig eth0 up ifconfig eth1 up ifconfig eth2 up cd /mnt/disk0 ./lina_monitor

Command to save config

copy run disk0:/.private/startup-config

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