Office / Word “Add to Dictionary” is Greyed out”

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Can be caused by using a custom dictionary file, which was created in an earlier version of word. (or the custom.dic file is set to "Read Only").


1. Click the Word "Start Button" > Proofing.
2. Locate the "When Correcting spelling in Microsoft Office programs".

Word custom dictionary

3. Click Custom dictionaries > Browse > This will show you the location of your custom.dic file.

locate dictionary

4. Use Windows Explorer and navigate to this folder.



Default location.

VistaWindows 7
Windows XP20032000
C:Documents and Settings{username)Application DataMicrosoftUProof

5. Open CUSTOM.DIC with notepad > File > save as > Change the encoding to Unicode.

save as unicode

6. Say yes when prompted to overwrite the file.
7. Restart Word.

Note: Also ensure that the custom.dic file has not been set as "Read only".


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