ESXi Error “HA agent must have userworld swap enabled”.

KB ID 0000045


Seen on diskless ESXi Servers, this happens because, to perform HA, the server needs some swap space, and a diskless server has none.


1. Using your VI client log into your Virtual Center Server.
2. Select the first ESXi host > Configuration > Advanced Settings
3. Select ScratchConfig > Type in a directory with at least 1GB of free storage e.g


Note: I’ve read various posts that say – all hosts can use the same folder, but I’ve seen that not work, create a folder for each ESXi host.
Note2: You can create folders using the datastore browser.

4. Tick the Box that says “ScratchConfig.ConfiguredSwapState”
5. Reboot the ESXi host.

On reboot you may notice that the path has changed to something like “/vmfs/volumes/4b689385-77e74be9-dc10-002581e88ad4/Scratch/ESXi1” this is normal.

6. Right click each ESXi host and select “Reconfigure for HA”.


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