Error Exchange – “Email Address Policy”

KB ID 0000038 Dtd 10/06/09



“Unable to edit the specified E-mail address policy. E-mail address policies created with legacy versions of Exchange must be upgraded using the ‘Set-EmailAddressPolicy’ task, with the Exchange 2007 Recipient Filter specified.”:

Caused because the policy in use was created on Exchange 2000/2003


1. Logon to the Exchange server. 2. Start > All Programs > Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 > Exchange Management Shell. 3. Issue the following command. Set-EmailAddressPolicy “Default Policy” -IncludedRecipients AllRecipients 4. Confirm with Y {Enter}.

e.g. [PS] C:Usersadministrator.domainDesktop>Set-EmailAddressPolicy “Default Policy” -IncludedRecipients AllRecipients

Confirm To save changes on object “Default Policy”, the object must be upgraded to the current Exchange version. After the upgrade, this object cannot be managed by a previous version of Exchange System Manager. Do you want to continue to upgrade and save the object? [Y] Yes [A] Yes to All [N] No [L] No to All [S] Suspend [?] Help (default is “Y”):Y [PS] C:Usersadministrator.domainDesktop>


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