Give users Calendar Access (Exchange 2000/2003/2007) PFDAVAdmin.

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You want to grant access to a users calendar for another user, In Exchange 2000 and 2003 this can be done in Active Directory Users and Computers, and with 2007 it can be done with Powershell But Get used to using PFDAVAdmin.

This tool can also modify permissions on Public Folders (In fact that’s what it was built for) but it’s a handy tool to carry on your USB Key if you work on multiple Exchange systems.


1. Download and install PFDAVAmin.


2. Launch the PFDAVAmin.exe tool
3. File > Connect
4. Enter the Exchange Server name, Global Catalogue Server name, authenticate as your current user, or supply alternative credentials.
5. Select All Mailbox’s.


6. Expand Mailbox’s > Expand the user you are granting permissions ON > Expand "Top of Information Store".


7. Right Click Calendar > Folder Permissions > Add > Browse.
8. Click the drop down arrow and select your domain
9. Drill down to the user you want to grant permissions TO > Select them > OK > OK

Calendar permissions on mass


Note: You can select the EVERYONE object if you wish.

10. Under Permissions change "None" to reviewer, author editor etc as appropriate.
11. Click Commit Changes.


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