P2V Error during hot Clone – P2VError FILE_OPEN_FAILED(vpxa-nfc://[Name of Datastore]

KB ID 0000017 


P2V Error during hot Clone

Error in ESX > Tasks and Events “Failed to import machine to esx.domain.com
Error in Log Task failed: P2VError FILE_OPEN_FAILED(vpxa-nfc://[Name of Datastore]

Note Entry in Tasks and events will point you to the logfile location on the Virtual Center which is..

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataVMWareVMware COnterter EnterpriseLogs

Scroll to the bottom of the logfile and lok for..

“Task failed: P2VError FILE_OPEN_FAILED(vpxa-nfc://[Name of Datastore]”


This is Usually a DNS error make sure the the machine being cloned can resolve

esx1.domain.com, esx2.domain.com and vcenter.domain.com

Make sure the DNS Servers in the VI environment can resolve FQDN’s on the Target (machine(s) to be cloned) Network

Where possible put conditional forwarders on each domain for the other domain and test ping the FQDNS of all the ESX servers and Vcenter from the Target machine

Note: on 2008 Conditional forwarding is two folders below forward lookup zone NOT on the DNS server properties 🙂

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