McAfee Groupshield for Exchange is not currently available

KB ID 0000015 


The Groupsheild config file has corrupted replace it with the default one (note this means you will loose any custom configured settings – you might want to restore one from backup).


1. Start > Run > services.msc {enter}

2. Locate the “McAfee Groupshield for Exchange Service” and stop it.

3. Right click the taskbar > Task Manager > Processes

If any of the following are running STOP THEM (right click > end process tree).

postmaster.exe postgress.exe RPCServ.exe

4. Navigate to C:Program FilesMcAfeeGroupShield for Exchangeconfig.

5. Rename McAfeeConfig.xml to McAfeeConfigOLD.OLD.

6. Copy C:Program FilesMcAfeeGroupShield for Exchangeconfig_409 to C:Program FilesMcAfeeGroupShield for Exchangeconfig.

7. Start the McAfee Groupshield for Exchange Service.


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