Hard drive filling up? Find Out What’s Hogging Your Hard Drive

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Every techy has taken the phone call, a clients hard drive is filling up and there’s little or no space left on it. I got one this morning, So I used my usual drive space tool WinDirStat and tracked down the culprit…..


1. Here’s our hard drive, and there’s only 2.5GB free. Download and install WinDirStat.

Drive Stats

2. Run the application and select the drive in question.

Drive Space

3. This could take a while (probably best get a coffee.)

Analyze Drives

4. When its done it looks like “Program files” is the biggest offender its taking 52% of the C: Drive.

Space Taken Up

5. Double Click Program files to expand that and the next most logical step would be the “Network Associates Folder”.

Programs space Taken

6. OK Looks like Groupshield (McAfee’s Exchange Email Filtering Software) is the problem.

Identify File Hog

7. It’s storing all its AV updates every day on the HDD, delete the old ones……….

AV Updates

8. And another 5GB magically is available.

Free up Drive Space

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Author: Migrated

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