Exchange 2013 – How To Move a Mailbox Database

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I like to keep Exchange databases in their own volume, so one of the first things I do is move them.

Warning: Moving a mail database will make it unavailable while it is being moved, warn your users, or plan in some down time.


1. First see where the database is now. From within the Exchange admin center (https://localhost/ecp) > Servers > Databases > Select the database to be moved.

Note: Take a note of the database path, and the database filename (filename.edb). Copy the complete path to Notepad.

Exchange 2013 Database Location

2. Create a folder on your 'target' volume, for the database to live in.

Ex 2013 Database Folder

3. Launch the Exchange Management Shell.

Exchange 2013 Management Shell

4. Execute the the following PowerShell command;

Move-DatabasePath -Identity "Database Name" -EdbFilePath "E:Folder NameDatabase name.edb"

Answer Y to the questions (or A for all).

Exchange 2013 Move Mailbox Database

5. Now you can check that the database has mounted, and is in its new location.

Exchange 203 Move Mailbox Database


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