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Cisco iconCisco FireSIGHT - Enable Active Directory (LDAP) Authentication
27/08/15 - To save you creating multiple users on your FireSIGHT appliance, and assigning roles to them you can utilise your existing Active Directory. In fact FireSIGHT does a good job of enabling granular administration based on AD Groups. [more]
Cisco ASA iconCisco ASA 5506-X / 5508-X Restart the FirePOWER Service Module
25/08/15 - I've only just recently started to work with these, the advantage of them is they are great for SOHO and SMB, and they don't need additional SSD drives installing. While getting them to work with a Sourcefire appliance, I had to 'bounce' the module a few times. [more]
Webmin iconWebmin - Upgrade Error - 'Perl (Net::SSLeay) is needed'
24/08/15 - I like to keep my CentOS server updated as much as I can, but the last couple of times I've gone to run the upgrade of the Webmin console I got this error. As error messages go this is not a bad one, it obviously needs perl installing. [more]
Cisco iconCisco - Error opening tftp://
20/08/15 - A friend was rolling out some PC's for a client and wanted me to give him a network with the same subnet etc so he could build everything on the bench. I grabbed a router and set it up for DHCP, and to NAT all traffic for him, but annoyingly it kept doing this. [more]
Cisco iconDownload Cisco VPN Client Software
13/08/15 - The Cisco VPN client software is no longer available from Cisco. However the amount of requests and posts on how to make it work with Windows 10, lead me to believe a lot of people are still using it in anger. So here's an alternative download. [more]
Windows 10 iconWindows 10 - Running the Cisco VPN Client Software
13/08/15 - So you have an old IPSEC Remote VPN solution and can't afford an upgrade to AnyConnect? Now your shiny Windows 10 machines are complaining when you try and install the VPN client software. [more]
Microsoft Edge iconMicrosoft Edge Can't Be Opened Using The Built-In Administrator Account
13/08/15 - Not only the built in administrator account, If you try and open Microsoft Edge whilst logged in as the Domain Administrator you will also see the same error message. To be honest this is a good thing, you shouldn't be going on the Internet as the administrator anyway. [more]
Windows 10 iconWindows 10 Shortcuts (Shortcut Keys / Shortcut Mouse Moves)
11/08/15 - Update - Ages ago I did an article on the Windows 7 "Screen Shortcut" Keys, and That led to this article. Now it's been updated for both Windows 8 and Windows 10. [more]
Office iconStop the Office 2013 'Welcome To Your New Office Movie'
10/08/15 - I deployed a Remote Desktop Services server today, and when I logged on with my test users I fired up Office 2013, and got the welcome movie. I need to stop that happening. Yes its pretty straight forward but I'm not a 64 year old typist called Marjorie. [more]
Exchange iconExchange Error 451 4.4.0 primary target IP address responded with...
09/08/15 - Updated - Essentially this is a communication error, you can't connect to the other end on TCP port 25 (SMTP). If it's just one domain the problem will be the other end, if its ALL domains then the problem is probably with you. [more]
Exchange iconMailbox Move 'Stuck' Queued
09/08/15 - When doing a migration I usually create a test account and move that to the new server. Then I can mail flow both from old to new server and to/from external addresses from both old and new servers. So when the mailbox just sat 'Queued' for a while I was starting to get concerned. [more]
Exchange iconExchange 2010 - Outlook Web Access 'Your request could not be completed..'
09/08/15 - Whilst doing an Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 migration last week, I moved a test mailbox to the new Exchange 2010 server. But when I attempted to open the mailbox in OWA I got this. [more]
vSphere iconVMware vSphere Client - 'This product can only be installed on Windows XP SP2 and above'
08/08/15 - Quite why each version of the vSphere client does not work with any other version of ESX/vCenter I've never really been able to work out. Being a mac owner, I have to run the software in VMware Fusion anyway, (which is also a pain). [more]
ASA iconReplace an ASA 5505 with an ASA 5506-X
07/08/15 - Given the amount of ASA work I do it's surprising that the first time I saw an ASA 5506-X was last week (I've been working on larger firewalls for a while). I'm probably going to have to do a few of these over the next couple of years so I'll update this article as things surface. [more]
Windows iconWindows Disable UAC Thorough Group Policy
05/08/15 - Updated - UAC (User Account Control) - while a good thing, sometimes causes more annoyances than solves problems, to turn it of through group policy do the following. [more]
Firewall iconWindows Group Policy - Disable The Local Windows Firewall
05/08/15 - I've got nothing against the Windows firewall, it's certainly a lot easier to manage now than it was back in the XP SP2 days. But I find a lot of clients still just 'want it gone' and, providing they have a decent corporate firewall in front of them that's fair enough. [more]
Windows iconUnable to Contact, Connect to, or Manage, a DNS Server from DNS Management Console
04/08/15 - Updated - If you open the DNS Management console on a server running an older OS than 2008 R2, then attempt to connect to a 2008 R2 DNS Server you will see this error. You will also see this error on a 2012 Server, whilst attempting to add another DNS Server. [more]
Server 2012 iconWindows Server - Stop Server Manager from Launching
04/08/15 - Updated - Server Manager on Windows Server 2008 and Server 2012, launches every time you log on, (with administrative access). After a while this can get very annoying, if you log into a lot of servers for example. So I tend to stop it auto-launching (it's still on the taskbar if you need it!) [more]
Internet Explorer iconYour Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded
04/08/15 - After spinning up a new Windows 2012 R2 Server this week, I needed to get some hot-fixes and updates, and I was greeted by this annoying IE 'Security Alert'. I appreciate that normally you would not be downloading files on a server, but a lot of us do need to download and install software. [more]
Lenovo Server iconIBM / Lenovo IMM (Integrated Management Module) Default Username and Password
03/08/15 - I'm more used to HP servers with iLO's and Dell servers with DRAC's, but today I had to put in an IBM System X (now Lenovo) Server with an IMM on it. Once I'd got its IP address from my DHCP servers list of leases I was faced with a logon screen. [more]
Cisco ASA iconASA 5500 - Port Forwarding To A Different Port
25/07/15 - Not since 'pre 8.3' days have I had to port forward from one port to his a server on a different port, usually this is a requirement if you only have one public IP but need to connect to many servers on the same port. Here I use the example of RDP but the process is the same for any port. [more]
Cisco iconCisco IOS - Find The 'Default Route' For A VRF
20/07/15 - Routing is one of my weaker subjects, today I was trying to chase some routes though a network to locate some firewalls. The core of the network has a bunch of 6500 Switches in various data centers. I tracked the network I was working on to an SVI on a core switch, that was in a VRF. [more]
Cisco ASA iconCisco ASA 5500 - Sub Interfaces and VLANS
18/07/15 - You can take the physical interface of a Cisco ASA firewall, (or an ether channel) and split it down into further sub-interfaces. This way you can set multiple VLANs to use this interface as a gateway at the same time whilst still separating the traffic. [more]
Server 2012 iconMicrosoft Certificate Services Configuring OCSP
06/07/15 - I seem to have done a lot of PKI the last 18 months, This week I needed an OCSP server deploying for the CA server on my test bench so I took the time to document it for future use. One of the most overlooked parts of a PKI deployment, is how to cope with 'revoking' certificates. [more]
Cisco ISE iconCisco ISE - Basic 802.1x With Windows - Part Four - Configuring The Windows Clients (Supplicants)
05/07/15 - Back in Part Three we setup the switches ready to plug in our clients. I'm going to configure the Windows clients by Group Policy. But I suggest you carry out tests using single Windows clients and LOCAL policy until you know you have everything setup correctly. [more]
Windows 10 iconWindows 10 - Install The VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client
03/07/15 - Have you installed the VI client on Windows 10? My boss asked me this week, if it didn't work then loads of people would soon be moaning. I had the brainwave, "Why not ThinApp the client" it would work then, but the 5.5 client stubbornly refused and the ThinApp package size was enormous. [more]
Cisco ASA iconCisco ASA - Changing the Outside IP Address
30/06/15 - I see this question get asked a lot on forums, most people never touch the firewall, 'if it's working leave it alone'. And that's great until you move offices, or get a newer faster (or cheaper) Internet connection. What if you have multiple public IP's or VPNs to worry about? [more]
RSA iconRSA Authentication Manager - Importing SecureID Tokens
23/06/15 - It's been a while since I had to do this, you used to simply take a number from the token pack, import it into the RSA Authentication Manager, job done. Now the tokens are shipped to you encrypted, you need to register them with RSA, decrypt them, then import them. [more]
GNS3 iconGNS3 - Initial Setup, Adding Routers, Hosts, and ASA Firewalls
18/06/15 - I've been meaning to come back and re-write this ever since GNS3 was completely overhauled and changed last year. I've left the original article hidden in the bowels of the site, and simply written a new one for the latest version. Setting up routers, ASA firewalls and hosts. [more]
Windows 8 iconWindows 8/8.1 Stop The New User Animation
18/06/15 - After spinning up quite a few Windows 8 virtual machines over the past few days, it struck me how annoying the new user account animation was. It's only setting up a user profile, why on earth does it take so long? [more]
Cisco ISE iconCisco ISE - Basic 802.1x With Windows - Part Three - Adding Network Devices (Authenticators)
17/06/15 - Back in Part Two we configures the specific 802.1x policies in Cisco ISE. Here I will add our switch into ISE as a RADIUS device, and create some groups, and locations for good housekeeping. [more]
Exchange 2013 iconMigrating Public Folders from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013
16/06/15 - Updated - This procedure has now changed, I've added the links in to the relevant Technet article to keep the article up to date, as soon as I've had change to test the procedure, I will update the entire article accordingly. [more]
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