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Chrome LogoStop Google Chrome Opening as a Windows App
21/08/14 - I don't know what I managed to click to enable this, or if it was simply an update, but I don't like it at all. [more]
Dell LogoAccessing Dell 'DRAC' Fails - 'DRAC5 Console Redirection Client Unable to launch application'
19/08/14 - UPDATED - Currently Dell consider DRAC5 EOL (End Of Life) and will not fix the certificate issue with updated firmware. Their official response is 'Maintain an older version of Java'. So either downgrade or lower the security settings. [more]
AnyConect LogoCisco AnyConnect - Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package
18/08/14 - Error 1722 is a pretty 'generic' windows installer package error. When attempting to install the AnyConnect client software this happened. [more]
ASA LogoCisco ASA 5500 - VPN Works in One Direction
13/08/14 - UPDATED - Second time this has caused me a problem. If I had a pound for every time I've said 'If the tunnels up but no traffic is flowing, the problem is usually NAT related,' I would be a rich man. This time I had the tunnel up, but the clients could not connect to to the other side. [more]
ASA LogoCisco ASA 5500 - Remote Management via VPN
09/08/14 - It's been ages since I has to do this, I usually just manage firewalls via SSH from outside. But I was out on a client site last week and needed to connect to to my ASA, so I simply connected in via AnyConnect... [more]
GNS3 LogoGNS3 - Speed and Duplex Mismatch
09/08/14 - I don't know why this happens sometimes with GNS3, but occasionally I will get a connection between two devices that constantly complains. For the uninitiated, a speed/duplex mismatch, usually happens when both ends of the link are set differently, or (more commonly) both ends are set to 'auto'. [more]
ASA LogoCisco ASA 5500 - VPN Reverse Route Injection
09/08/14 - Reverse Route injection is the process that can be used on a Cisco ASA to take a route for an established VPN, and populate/inject that route into the routing table of other devices in it's routing group. [more]
CentOS LogoCentOS - Disable BIND DNS Recursion
07/08/14 - I got a Tweet this morning, to say the site was down. I checked and the VPS was off-line? So I powered it on and waited a few minutes. Linux is not one of my strongest technical areas so I did some Googling about what logs to check etc. [more]
McAfee LogoMcAfee MOVE AV Multi-Platform Issue - MOVE AV Protection Disabled
05/08/14 - There are a number of reasons for you seeing this error, you will see this even if the Offload server(s) are shut down. In my case it was a new deployment, and the Windows firewall on the MOVE Offload server was blocking communication. [more]
Windows LogoWindows - Open a Firewall Port with Group Policy
05/08/14 - For everyone who simply does not disable the Windows firewall, then you need to be able to manage what ports are open on your machines. The simplest way to do this is via group policy. [more]
2012 LogoWindows Server 2012 - Enable Flash
04/08/14 - I upgraded my VMware vCenter server to 5.5 last week, and as son as I tried to open the vSphere Web Client, I got a polite message asking me to install flash. Well that's not strictly true for servers, theres a couple of hoops to jump through first. [more]
ASA LogoCisco ASA - Remote VPN Client Internet Access
02/08/14 - I have answered a lot of questions in forums, that are worded something like, "When I have a remote client connected to my firewall VPN they lose Internet access!" Traditionally that's exactly what the 'default' remote VPN solution (IPSEC or AnyConnect) gave you. [more]
ASA LogoCisco ASA - Enable Split Tunnel for Remote VPN Clients
02/08/14 - UPDATED This is a simple job to do from command line, however the world is full of people who would rather spend an hour in the ASDM working out how to do it! So I've included both methods. [more]
SQL LogoSQL Sever 2012 Setup Error - Rule 'Setup Account Privileges' Failed
31/07/14 - When trying to install SQL Server 2012 (Standard c/w SP2). This popped up, as I was logged in as the domain administrator, (yeah I know, but it's my test network), I was confused. [more]
Exchange 2013 LogoMigration From Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013
29/07/14 - UPDATED - Thanks to reader Tony Blunt for pointing out I ha a glaring error in this article, by simply missing off a switch in step 14, this may have caused the log file to swell up and take down the server, well spotted, article changed accordingly. [more]
RSA LogoRSA SecurID Error - '106: The Web server is busy. Please try again later'
25/07/14 - Not the most descriptive of errors! In fact this has got nothing to do with the busyness of the web server at all. What's actually happening is the RSA agent on this machine (in this case a web server) cannot communicate with the RSA Authentication Manager. [more]
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