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vSphere IconvSphere - Adding a Console Port to a VM
28/02/15 - I wanted to perform command line access to a virtual firewall on my home ESXi server, (a Juniper Firefly vSRX) via a console session. To do that I needed to add a serial port to that VM. [more]
Juniper IconJuniper SRX Firewall - Allow 'Ping'
28/02/15 - Updated - In the last couple of weeks, I've been doing more JunOS work, so I ran up a virtual SRX Firefly device in VMware ESXi to do some testing and documentation with. But while setting up, I needed to test connectivity with ping, and didn't have the GUI. So heres how to do it from CLI. [more]
Cisco IconSync Microsoft Domain Time To A Cisco NTP Device
26/02/15 - Getting Windows to synchronise its time from a Cisco device, (thats acting as an NTP server), has defeated me many times, today the subject came up again, so when I got home, the test network got fired up and I finally worked out out to do it. [more]
PowerShell IconWindows 8.1 - Cannot Manage Active Directory Certificate Services
24/02/15 - This article is from long time site supporter: Daniel Newton 'On my laptop today I installed the RSAT tools for remote management. I went to do some PKI work in my test environment and came up with the following error', [more]
PowerShell IconPowerShell Web Access
18/02/15 - One of my goals is to become better with PowerShell. I came across PowerShell Web Access and thought I'd have a play with it, it runs on a 2012 IIS web server, and It lets you connect to that host (via https) then launch a PowerShell secure connection to machines in your network. [more]
Cisco IconCisco ASA - 'access-group' Warning
11/02/15 - I've been writing Cisco ASA walkthroughs for years, and littered all over PeteNetLive you will see me warning readers every time I use access-group commands. So I've finally got round to putting this article up so I can reference it in future. [more]
ASA IconConfigure Your Firewall for SNMP
11/02/15 - Had a requirement to let SNMP traffic though a firewall this week, I have a client that has both SolarWinds and SCOM, and they need to monitor the external Citrix ADC load balancers. For SNMP we simply need UDP ports 161 and 162. [more]
Certificate IconEvent ID 128 - Certification Authority
10/02/15 - Seen on a Microsoft Certificate Services server running NDES. I got this error every time a network device tried to enroll with the NDES server. You are seeing this error because the NDES server is expecting the password that generated by visiting the mscep URL. [more]
Error IconEvent ID 29 - 'The password in the certificate request cannot be verified'
07/02/15 - Seen in the application log of a Windows Certificate Services server (Server 2012 R2). The event is pretty much telling you exactly what to do to fix it! Open an elevated command prompt and enter the following commands, [more]
AnyConnect IconCisco AnyConnect - Securing with Microsoft Certificate Services - Part 2
06/02/15 - In the second part of this article I will switch focus to the ASA. Checking basics like NTP and DNS, configuring AnyConnect, and NDES. Finally creating and editing a VPN client profile, to get the configuration file to control 'always on' and 'local LAN' access. [more]
AnyConnect IconCisco AnyConnect - Securing with Microsoft Certificate Services - Part 1
04/02/15 - I've done a lot of AnyConnect deployments, and I've even done them with certificates in the past. I've seen plenty of articles and blogs that say 'It would be better to use a PKI deployment like Microsoft Certificate Services', but there's very little info out there on how to set it up. [more]
Server 2012 IconCertificate Services Error - 'The Email name is unavailable and cannot be added to the Subject or Subject Alternate name'
03/02/15 - I was setting auto-enrollment this morning, and the computer certificates were getting issued, but not the user ones. [more]
GNS3 IconGNS3 ASA Error - 'ASDM did not recognize device model ASA5520'
02/02/15 - Apart from the fact that's an appalling spelling of recognise, I got bitten by this last weekend. I don't use the ADSM as a rule so it would not normally be a problem, the only thing I do use the ASDM for is certificates, (it's just easier). [more]
Switch IconCisco IOS - Interface is up, line protocol is down (monitoring)
31/01/15 - I had an ASA Active/Standby problem last week, each time I tried to make the primary firewall active, it would fail straight straight back. A look on the ASA told me the problem was one of the clients DMZ connections .[more]
Windows 10 IconWindows 10 - Update the Windows Build
28/01/15 - I've had the Windows 10 technical preview for a while now, but other that run it up in VMware workstation I've not done much with it. Today I wanted to check something, and found out my build was too old. "I wonder if I can update it 'in place'".[more]
ASA IconASA Upgrading and Imaging a Hardware CX Module
20/01/15 - Last time I had to do one the process was very straight forward, one command and the ASA got its new image from FTP, extracted it, and then installed it. I had a CX module fail last week, and Cisco shipped me out a replacement. After installing it and running the setup, I needed to upgrade it. [more]
Cisco IconCisco CDA (Context Directory Agent) - Applying Patches
19/01/15 - Having a button that you could upload patches from, that would crazy eh? Cheers Cisco! I don't know if the patches are cumulative, and patch 3 looks a little smaller than patch 2 so I thought I would apply them all, in order to be on the safe side. [more]
Cisco PRSM IconCisco PRSM - Replace the Certificate Using Microsoft Certificate Services
15/01/15 - Cisco PRSM gives you the ability to import certificates into it, but like other Linux distros does not give you the tools to generate the actual certificate request. Could this be done with Windows? YES, and it's a lot easier than growing a ginger ponytail, donning sandals and firing up Linux. [more]
Cisco IconCisco Catalyst - Find out What Port an IP Address is Plugged Into
12/01/15 - I networked some gear this afternoon, and I made a mental note of the ports I patched into on the switch By the time I got back to my desk I could not remember what port I had used. I knew the IP address but not the port number, how can you find that out? [more]
Windows IconNDES - Fails to Issue Certificates (Signature Algorithm)
08/01/15 - I was trying to enroll some ASA firewalls to NDES to get some certificates. Each time the process failed. with an E_SIGNATURE_ALG_NOT_SUPPORTED error. This had me stumped for a long time and I got little or no help from the Cisco and Microsoft forums. [more]
Exchange IconExchange 2003 to 2010 Transition "Swing Migration"
07/01/15 - Updated - Thanks to Mark V for the feedback. If you are performing this upgrade and are already utilising ActiveSync. Ensure you apply hotfix 937031 before proceeding with the migration. [more]
vSphere IconvSphere - Floppy Drive 'Won't Appear'
06/01/15 - "It's 2015 why are you messing around with floppy drives?" I hear you ask! Well for importing certificate requests, and certificates from an offline root CA server, it's still considered best practice to use a virtual floppy drive. [more]
ASA IconCisco ASA - Global Access Lists
23/12/14 - I've been working for a client that has a large firewall deployment, and they have twelve switches in their six DMZ's. I wanted to take a backup of these switches. (and all the other network devices). So why not use a global ACL to open TFTP? [more]
Firefox Chrome IconChrome/Firefox - Open Multiple Tabs from Command/Batch File
18/12/14 - Updated - I know modern browsers can open multiple pages at startup, and there are a few tech sites that I visit once a day. I tediously click each link to visit these sites. So I thought 'There must be a way of opening all these sites, at once'? [more]
Cisco IconCisco Catalyst - 'Daughtercard inserted in this switch may not have been manufactured by Cisco'
13/12/14 - In a newly deployed switch, the MACSEC link refused to establish, when I consoled in I was greeted with this. At first I assumed the C3KX-SM-10G was faulty, so I put it in another 3560-X switch and the problem moved, problem solved (or so I thought). [more]
Cisco IconCisco IOS and ASA Showing the Config Without the 'More' Breaks/Pauses
10/12/14 - When looking at a router, switch or firewall running config, it will usually display a page at a time, you can page down with the space bar, or line down with the Enter/Return key. Normally that's fine, but what if you want to capture (take a quick backup,) of the config. [more]
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