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Certificate IconWhy Securing Your VPN Solution With Computer Certificates 'Only' Is A BAD Idea
20/04/15 - I had a ponder on just how difficult this would be to defeat. I had a fully working (certificate based) VPN solution running on the bench that I'd used to 'proof of concept' a clients requirements. So I attempted to compromise that for educational purposes :) [more]
MAC OSX IconMAC OSX - Managing VMware ESXi Hosts
20/04/15 - I have made the transition to a MAC laptop pretty easily, but theres one thing thats still a pain, VMware ESXi servers! I know these days vCenter has a nice shiny web management portal, but ESXi does not. [more]
Cisco AnyConnect IconAnyConnect Client Fails To Get IP From Windows DHCP Server
16/04/15 - A few days ago I did an article on AnyConnect and Windows DHCP. I ran it up on the test bench for a client, and everything worked fine. Doing the install my test 'remote' client failed to get an IP address. [more]
Cisco ASA IconUnable to Access ASDM - "Unable to launch device manager from..."
13/04/15 - UPDATED - I saw this very problem again today, while hardening a firewall I had disabled some SSL encryption ciphers, I had left aes256-sha1 active, and removed the others. Took me a while to realise what had broken it! [more]
Cisco ASA IconCisco ASA - Disable SSLv3 (Force TLSv1.0) - Mitigate POODLE
12/04/15 - By default the Cisco ASA will allow connection via SSLv3. The POODLE exploit works by forcing SSL to fall back to SSLv3 and then decrypting that communication. However you are still not completely protected, [more]
Cisco ASA IconCisco ASA ASDM - Packet Tracer Wont Work
11/04/15 - I don't usually use the graphical packet tracer tool, but I did this week, and it failed, giving me an '%Invalid input detected at '^' marker' error. [more]
Cisco AnyConnect IconAnyConnect - Using a Windows DHCP Server to Lease IP Addresses to the Remote Clients
10/04/15 - I did an AnyConnect design for a client, and they asked 'Instead of using the firewall to lease the DHCP addresses to our remote clients, can we use our Windows DHCP Server?" In the past I've used Windows DHCP servers for IPSEC VPN clients, but recently I've tended to just use the firewall. [more]
Cisco ASA IconCisco ASA - 'Prove it's Not The Firewall!'
09/04/15 - Not only make sure you have not dropped a clanger! But heres the entire process for troubleshooting connectivity though the ASA that should cover most eventualities. Covering packet-tracer, packet capture and logging. [more]
CentOS IconCentOS 7 - Ifconfig Command Not Found
01/04/15 - Although not my strongest subject, I know enough to get by in Linux, so I was a little put out when I tried to run ifconfig, only to be told it could not be found. On an 'out of the box' install you are supposed to use 'ip addr' instead. [more]
CentOS IconCentOS 7 - No Network Connection
01/04/15 - A while ago I spun up a CentOS server in VMware Workstation, and I could not get it connected to the network, I was in a bit of a hurry, so I blew it away and just built a new server with CentOS 6. This week I've been using VirtualBox and spun up a new CentOS 7 server and had the same problem. [more]
MAC OSX IconMAC OSX - Setting File Associations
28/03/15 - This started out as an article on simply 'how to set file associations' but when I tried to associate .jpg files with Photoshop it refused to work, (they stayed associated with the MAC Preview application). [more]
Juniper IconJuniper SRX - 'The Routing Subsystem Is Not Running'
26/03/15 - While trying to deploy Solarwinds to monitor a Juniper SRX failover cluster, we were having no joy connecting to the management interface of the secondary/standby firewall. The management (fxp0) interface on the primary (node0) firewall we could get to OK. [more]
MAC OSX IconMAC OSX Outlook - Open Multiple POP Email Accounts in Their Own Folders
25/03/15 - I've been slowly migrating from a Windows Laptop to a MacBook Pro. And Office 15 for Mac is great, I had my work Exchange Email up in no time, then I configured my POP email accounts. The problem is Outlook puts all POP mail in one folder called 'on my computer'. [more]
Cisco ASA IconCisco ASA - View The Contents of an Object-Group
25/03/15 - My colleague loves the ASDM, I put up with it and prefer command line. We were troubleshooting a problem the other day and he said, there this is why I prefer the ASDM, just 'hover' over an object-group and it will show you the contents of it. [more]
Cisco ASA IconCisco ASA - Policy NAT
08/03/15 - I've been working on a large firewall deployment for a client, each of their DMZ's have both a production and a management network. nothing particularly strange about that, but each of their DMZ's has its own firewalled management network and its routable from the LAN. [more]
Cisco IconCisco Symbols (3D) Visio Stencils
02/03/15 - I have to do a LOT of network drawings in Visio, and the standard Cisco Visio templates look a bit dated now. So how about some that look a little bit more professional? I used to use the Cisco Packet Icons library, but that meant cutting them out of Powerpoint all the time. [more]
Juniper IconJunOS - Using TACACS+ With Cisco ACS
01/03/15 - I've been configuring a client's Juniper SRX chassis cluster, for a while now. Their ACS was deployed last week so my task was to configure it to use the TACACS+ from the Cisco ACS server. [more]
vSphere IconvSphere - Adding a Console Port to a VM
28/02/15 - I wanted to perform command line access to a virtual firewall on my home ESXi server, (a Juniper Firefly vSRX) via a console session. To do that I needed to add a serial port to that VM. [more]
Juniper IconJuniper SRX Firewall - Allow 'Ping'
28/02/15 - Updated - In the last couple of weeks, I've been doing more JunOS work, so I ran up a virtual SRX Firefly device in VMware ESXi to do some testing and documentation with. But while setting up, I needed to test connectivity with ping, and didn't have the GUI. So heres how to do it from CLI. [more]
Cisco IconSync Microsoft Domain Time To A Cisco NTP Device
26/02/15 - Getting Windows to synchronise its time from a Cisco device, (thats acting as an NTP server), has defeated me many times, today the subject came up again, so when I got home, the test network got fired up and I finally worked out out to do it. [more]
PowerShell IconWindows 8.1 - Cannot Manage Active Directory Certificate Services
24/02/15 - This article is from long time site supporter: Daniel Newton 'On my laptop today I installed the RSAT tools for remote management. I went to do some PKI work in my test environment and came up with the following error', [more]
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