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ASA iconComing Soon !
20/09/15 - The site is undergoing its latest 'reworking'. As you will probably realise, for over 1100 technical articles that will take a little time, and during that time there will appear to be be no updates/new posts here on the main site. In the mean time heres a quick 'sneak peek' of what's to come. [more]
ASA iconCisco ASA (acl-drop) Flow is Denied by Configured Rule
14/09/15 - Packet-tracer is a brilliant troubleshooting tool, but sometimes interpreting the output proves to be more difficult that actually fixing the problem. If your output fails at the access-list section this is the sort of thing you will see, [more]
ASA iconASA 5505-X / 5508-X Setup FirePOWER Services (for ASDM)
09/09/15 - Both the 5506-X (rugged version and wireless), and 5508-X now come with a FirePOWER services module inside them. This can be managed from either ASDM (with OS and ASDM upgraded to the latest version), and via the FireSIGHT management software/appliance. [more]
ASA iconCisco ASA - Cannot Enable Third Party Certificate (9.4 and later)
08/09/15 - I installed a third party certificate for a client on their ASA (from Digicert). And followed my usual procedure. I enabled it on the outside interface and tested AnyConnect, it wasn't working. The ASA refused to present anything other than its self signed certificate. [more]
ASA iconCisco ASA - Cannot Get To Enable Mode?
07/09/15 - After setting up some firewalls last week I quickly jumped on them whilst VPN'd into the my work network to make sure I'd be able to log into and administer them remotely via SSH. I went to login today via SSH and I could logon fine but I could not get to enable mode? [more]
AnyConnect iconCisco AnyConnect - PAT External VPN Pool To An Inside Address
05/09/15 - I got sent to Holland this week to look at a firewall deployment, and while I was sat in the Airport, I was going over the job I had to do, when I realised the solution I had suggested had a problem. [more]
HP Server iconHP iLO - Password Must Contain 8 to 39 Characters
04/09/15 - While setting up a new HP storage server, I jumped on the iLO and went to setup a new user and password, only to be greeted with this pop-up. Well I want a seven character password? Not because I'm awkward but because it's my iLO password. [more]
Cisco iconCisco FireSIGHT - Enable Active Directory (LDAP) Authentication
27/08/15 - To save you creating multiple users on your FireSIGHT appliance, and assigning roles to them you can utilise your existing Active Directory. In fact FireSIGHT does a good job of enabling granular administration based on AD Groups. [more]
Cisco ASA iconCisco ASA 5506-X / 5508-X Restart the FirePOWER Service Module
25/08/15 - I've only just recently started to work with these, the advantage of them is they are great for SOHO and SMB, and they don't need additional SSD drives installing. While getting them to work with a Sourcefire appliance, I had to 'bounce' the module a few times. [more]
Webmin iconWebmin - Upgrade Error - 'Perl (Net::SSLeay) is needed'
24/08/15 - I like to keep my CentOS server updated as much as I can, but the last couple of times I've gone to run the upgrade of the Webmin console I got this error. As error messages go this is not a bad one, it obviously needs perl installing. [more]
Cisco iconCisco - Error opening tftp://
20/08/15 - A friend was rolling out some PC's for a client and wanted me to give him a network with the same subnet etc so he could build everything on the bench. I grabbed a router and set it up for DHCP, and to NAT all traffic for him, but annoyingly it kept doing this. [more]
Cisco iconDownload Cisco VPN Client Software
13/08/15 - The Cisco VPN client software is no longer available from Cisco. However the amount of requests and posts on how to make it work with Windows 10, lead me to believe a lot of people are still using it in anger. So here's an alternative download. [more]
Windows 10 iconWindows 10 - Running the Cisco VPN Client Software
13/08/15 - So you have an old IPSEC Remote VPN solution and can't afford an upgrade to AnyConnect? Now your shiny Windows 10 machines are complaining when you try and install the VPN client software. [more]
Microsoft Edge iconMicrosoft Edge Can't Be Opened Using The Built-In Administrator Account
13/08/15 - Not only the built in administrator account, If you try and open Microsoft Edge whilst logged in as the Domain Administrator you will also see the same error message. To be honest this is a good thing, you shouldn't be going on the Internet as the administrator anyway. [more]
Windows 10 iconWindows 10 Shortcuts (Shortcut Keys / Shortcut Mouse Moves)
11/08/15 - Update - Ages ago I did an article on the Windows 7 "Screen Shortcut" Keys, and That led to this article. Now it's been updated for both Windows 8 and Windows 10. [more]
Office iconStop the Office 2013 'Welcome To Your New Office Movie'
10/08/15 - I deployed a Remote Desktop Services server today, and when I logged on with my test users I fired up Office 2013, and got the welcome movie. I need to stop that happening. Yes its pretty straight forward but I'm not a 64 year old typist called Marjorie. [more]
Exchange iconExchange Error 451 4.4.0 primary target IP address responded with...
09/08/15 - Updated - Essentially this is a communication error, you can't connect to the other end on TCP port 25 (SMTP). If it's just one domain the problem will be the other end, if its ALL domains then the problem is probably with you. [more]
Exchange iconMailbox Move 'Stuck' Queued
09/08/15 - When doing a migration I usually create a test account and move that to the new server. Then I can mail flow both from old to new server and to/from external addresses from both old and new servers. So when the mailbox just sat 'Queued' for a while I was starting to get concerned. [more]
Exchange iconExchange 2010 - Outlook Web Access 'Your request could not be completed..'
09/08/15 - Whilst doing an Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 migration last week, I moved a test mailbox to the new Exchange 2010 server. But when I attempted to open the mailbox in OWA I got this. [more]
vSphere iconVMware vSphere Client - 'This product can only be installed on Windows XP SP2 and above'
08/08/15 - Quite why each version of the vSphere client does not work with any other version of ESX/vCenter I've never really been able to work out. Being a mac owner, I have to run the software in VMware Fusion anyway, (which is also a pain). [more]
ASA iconReplace an ASA 5505 with an ASA 5506-X
07/08/15 - Given the amount of ASA work I do it's surprising that the first time I saw an ASA 5506-X was last week (I've been working on larger firewalls for a while). I'm probably going to have to do a few of these over the next couple of years so I'll update this article as things surface. [more]
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