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Juniper IconJuniper SRX - Commit Errors
18/09/14 - This article is not to cover every problem that will stop you committing the firewall config. It just serves to document problems I've encountered, and I how I overcame them. [more]
CentOS IconCentOS - Install and Configure a TFTP Server
17/09/14 - I needed to back up a Cisco firewall, and perform an upgrade remotely, despite my best efforts to use the ASDM and update via http, I had to go 'old school' and bring up a TFTP server on one of my CentOS Linux servers. [more]
Network IconPPTP VPN - Enable Split Tunneling
13/09/14 - I was asked yesterday, "When you get five minutes, I need split tunneling setup, when I VPN into a network I lose Internet connectivity". On inspection he was using the Microsoft VPN client, I jumped on the VPN device to discover it was a Cisco IOS router. [more]
GNS3 LogoConnecting GNS3 to VMware Workstation
11/09/14 - A while back I got an email "Here is a suggestion for an article. 'How to link GNS3 with VMware Workstation'". Sorry it's taken me so long to get round to it, here you go Daniel Newton. [more]
Juniper LogoJuniper (JUNOS) SRX - Static 'One-to-One' NAT
06/09/14 - Setting up 'Static NAT' is the process of taking one of your 'spare' public IP addresses, and permanently mapping that public IP, to a private IP address on your network. [more]
Internet Explorer LogoInternet Explorer - 'There is a problem with this website's security certificate'
05/09/14 - While browsing to a website with an https:// address you may come across this error. This may look like a very scary error and the default action, (from the little green tick option) is NOT to proceed. But let's look at this error sensibly. [more]
Juniper LogoJuniper SRX Firewall Alarm Light Lit
05/09/14 - I noticed the alarm light was lit amber on an SRX240 Juniper firewall. This will not serve as a solution to every alarm on the SRX, but it should point you where to look, and show you how to resolve the two problems I identified on my firewall. [more]
Chrome LogoGoogle Chrome Browser - 'Your connection is not private'
04/09/14 - Just went to open a secure web page, and got this message. Turns out that this is the new default behaviour for Chrome when accessing https (secure web) sites. [more]
Windows LogoWindows Accessing a Share Error - 'You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network'
03/09/14 - I hadn't seen this myself but it was asked in a forum the other day so I replicated it on the test bench. [more]
Juniper LogoJuniper SRX240 - Firewall Cluster (Active / Standby)
26/08/14 - I've had very little exposure to JUNOS and Juniper equipment, and later in the year I have to deploy some for a client in a failover cluster. [more]
Juniper LogoJuniper SRX - Update the Operating System / Firmware
26/08/14 - With two brand new SRX240 firewalls on the bench, my first task was to get them updated to the latest operating system. [more]
Windows LogoWindows Run 'cmd' As Administrator
24/08/14 - We had the 'run as' service way back in Windows 2000, so the concept of running a command window 'as administrator' should not be difficult to understand. But the amount of times I tell people 'You need to run that as administrator', and they reply 'I AM an administrator' is far too high. [more]
GNS3 LogoGNS3 - Cant Save ASA Config - '%Error copying system:/running-config (Not enough space on device)'
21/08/14 - I love GNS3, it is a brilliant piece of software, I use it for bench testing and proof of concept work. Yes is can be a bit clunky sometimes, but its FREE! I had a project open with about four ASA's on it, and it would not save the config on just one of them. [more]
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