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Firefox Chrome IconChrome/Firefox - Open Multiple Tabs from Command/Batch File
18/12/14 - Updated - I know modern browsers can open multiple pages at startup, and there are a few tech sites that I visit once a day. I tediously click each link to visit these sites. So I thought 'There must be a way of opening all these sites, at once'? [more]
Cisco IconCisco Catalyst - 'Daughtercard inserted in this switch may not have been manufactured by Cisco'
13/12/14 - In a newly deployed switch, the MACSEC link refused to establish, when I consoled in I was greeted with this. At first I assumed the C3KX-SM-10G was faulty, so I put it in another 3560-X switch and the problem moved, problem solved (or so I thought). [more]
Cisco IconCisco IOS and ASA Showing the Config Without the 'More' Breaks/Pauses
10/12/14 - When looking at a router, switch or firewall running config, it will usually display a page at a time, you can page down with the space bar, or line down with the Enter/Return key. Normally that's fine, but what if you want to capture (take a quick backup,) of the config. [more]
Web IconGoogle Analytics - Redundant Hostnames
04/12/14 - I noticed this a while back, apparently Google Analytics started flagging this for many users on October 14th 2014. But I've only just got round to sorting it out. [more]
Active Directory IconActive Directory - Modify all users in an OU to 'Password Never Expires'
29/11/14 - Updated - I got an email from a site visitor, to say 'To complete : if you have more than 100 users in the OU, you need to add {-limit nnn}. It would seem when I originally wrote this article the 100 user limit did not trip me up. [more]
Windows IconWindows - Export / Recover WEP and WPA Wireless Keys
24/11/14 - If you need to connect to your wireless network with a new machine and have forgotten the key, you can view the WEP or WPA key in cleartext using the following procedure on a machine that has connected before. [more]
XBMC IconXBMC 'Gotham' - Network Manager is Incompatible
23/11/14 - I've just replaced my XBMCbuntu media PC (an Acer Revo 3700) with new machine, and I was rebuilding the old one for my neighbour. I'm not sure if he has a wired connection where his TV is so I wanted to use Network Manager to setup the Wi-Fi. [more]
Windows IconAnyConnect 4 - Plus and Apex Licensing Explained
11/11/14 - In October 2014 the new licensing model for AnyConnect 4 was released. Before version 4 we simply had AnyConnect Essentials and Premium licensing, now we have Plus and Apex licensing. [more]
Windows IconShow Desktop icon missing from Quick Launch
03/11/14 - I was working on an old TS server that my company use as a 'Jump Box' for remote client support a few weeks ago, it's an old 2003 server. I noticed that the 'show desktop' Icon was missing from the Quick Launch tool-bar and it's something I used a lot, so I dug out this old article and re-wrote it. [more]
Error IconWindows Event ID 3033
23/10/14 - A similar problem came up on a forum today, I had to work out how to change connection limits, and I knew I had done it before, so I opened this article and re wrote it from scratch. [more]
Switch IconCisco Catalyst Switches - Adding Licenses
20/10/14 - I had a load of Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches that needed 'ipbase' licenses adding to them today. I've messed about with plenty of ASA license upgrades before, but not switches. [more]
AnyConnect IconCisco AnyConnect - Adding Multiple VPN Devices to the Client
20/10/14 - If you connect to a lot of different firewalls, then constantly having to change the address you are going to can be a pain. Particularly if some clients don't have a host name for their device, and you cant remember everyone's IP addresses. [more]
Cisco IconCisco IOS - Return an Interface to Default (Remove all Settings)
15/10/14 - The configuration for a particular interface can get quite long, you could go to interface configuration mode, and prefix all the commands with a 'no'. But this can be a bit repetitive and time consuming. [more]
Switch IconConfiguring Multiple Cisco Switch Ports at the Same Time
14/10/14 - If you have the same configuration that needs to be placed on multiple ports, then doing each one individually can be time consuming. To save time use the 'interface range' command. [more]
Juniper IconJuniper SRX - Setting the Default Static Route
13/10/14 - It takes me seconds to do this on an ASA, on every occasion I've had to do the same on a Juniper firewall I've had to research how to do it again. Here I'm setting up the 'default' route to the Internet, but the syntax is the same for setting up any static route. [more]
NetApp IconNetApp - Four-Post Rail Kit
04/10/14 - I've never worked with NetApp equipment before, but today we had to rack a lot of shelves, and a controller. Each one had the same rail kit. After much swearing, and inserting/removing of cage nuts/bolts, someone committed the cardinal sin of actually reading the instructions. [more]
ASA IconCisco ASA 5500 - Adding New 'Different Range' Public IP Addresses
04/10/14 - If you have run out of public IP addresses, and your ISP offered you an additional range of IP addresses, how would you add them to your ASA, if they are not contiguous with your current public IP range? Really easily is the answer, your ISP has the hard work to do. [more]
ASA IconASA 5585-X Update the CX SSP Module
03/10/14 - Every piece of documentation I found on upgrading CX modules was for doing so on models other than the ASA5585-X. The (current) latest CLI guide says, 'See the ASA CX module documentation for more information.' Yeah good luck finding that! [more]
ASA IconCisco ASA 5585-X Port Numbering
02/10/14 - Back at the beginning of the year I had to do a firewall design that included an ASA5585-X, I did some searching to find out how the ports were numbered but came up blank. So I took an (Incorrect) educated guess. [more]
Juniper IconFactory Reset Juniper SRX Firewall
29/09/14 - If you manage to stuff up your firewall, or you have just done some testing and want to revert back to 'as new' here is how to do it. [more]
Cisco Switch IconCisco Catalyst - Upgrading 'Stacked' Switches
26/09/14 - The process of upgrading switches in a 'stack' is a little more convoluted than normal. Here is a walk though of me upgrading a stack of two Catalyst 3750 switches to demonstrate. [more]
Cisco ASA IconCisco ASA 5500 - Throttling (Rate Limiting) Traffic
24/09/14 - If you have one client thats taking all your bandwidth, or a server thats getting a lot of connections from external IP addresses, and that's causing you performance problems. You can 'throttle' traffic from/to that client by 'policing' its traffic. [more]
Switch IconCisco IOS - Configuring Switch to Switch MACSEC
22/09/14 - My colleague had to set this up on the test bench today, and it looked infinitely more interesting that what I was doing, so I grabbed my console cable, and offered to 'help'. [more]
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