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AV LogoTesting Your Email AntiSpam and AntiVirus Systems
18/07/14 - I've known about the Eicar test virus ever since I started installing CSC modules. But until recently I didn't realise you could test your AntiSpam system as well. [more]
Cisco LogoCisco Router - Configure NAT (NAT Overload)
18/07/14 - NAT is the process of taking one or more IP adresses and tranlsating it/them into differnet IP addreses. You may require your router to translate all you internal IP addresses to your public (ISP allocated) IP address. To do that we use a process called NAT Overload. [more]
2012 LogoAutomatic Re-enrollment Fails to MSCEP/NDES
17/07/14 - I've covered setting up NDES at length in the past, but what happens when your issued certificates expire? If you are using them for all your VPNs what then? Well thankfully you can get your devices to automatically re-enroll and before they expire. But in my case it wasn't working? [more]
Cisco LogoEnabling DNS Lookups on Cisco Devices
17/07/14 - For the most part, devices are more concerned with IP and MAC addresses, but the devices do have the ability to translate those IP addresses using DNS. [more]
Error LogovSphere Client cannot be installed on a Domain Controller
13/07/14 - I tried to install the VI client on my test network and this happened. Well I'm not over the moon about that? Ive only got one permanent VM and it's a DC? Who came up with this? What about sites who have a single DC on an ESX box? What are they going to do! [more]
Error LogoEvent ID 53 - 'The public key does not meet the minimum size required by the specified certificate template'
11/07/14 - I've been doing a lot of PKI work over the last few days, testing device enrollment and NDES etc, and came across this problem being logged on my issuing/subordinate CA server. [more]
RSA LogoSecuring Exchange OWA with RSA SecureID
11/07/14 - Later on in the year I've got a big RSA and SharePoint deployment, as I know 'Zippity Squat' about SharePoint, I thought the best way to get some hands on experience, was to work out how to integrate SecureID with Exchange 2013, (which I know a few things about!) [more]
Server 2012 LogoServer 2012 R2 - Disable Lock Screen
10/07/14 - Firstly, the lock screen is there for a valid security reason, so I would not advocate doing this on a production network. But on my test network, it's annoying to have to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and tap the password in, each time I change console sessions. [more]
GNS3 LogoGNS3 - Network Cards Are Missing
09/07/14 - Like most techies, I am always fiddling with things. So after messing around with the networks in VMware Workstation (What I typically use for connecting GNS3 to either real machines, or the outside world). I lost the network connections in GNS3 and could not get them back. [more]
Cisco LogoWord 2013 - Cannot Change the Default Language
07/07/14 - Despite my best efforts Office 2013 refused to change its dictionary from US to UK. Even after I went into the program options and changed it, the program continued to underline all my correct English spellings. [more]
Cisco LogoWindows Server 2012 - Enable LDAPS
03/07/14 - Active Directory is built on LDAP, and like any directory, if you want information you query the directory, and it returns a result. The problem is that information is sent in 'cleartext', which is not ideal. To address that you can secure and encrypt that traffic with SSL. [more]
Cisco LogoASA 5500 Adding a DMZ Step By Step
30/06/14 - UPDATED - It's been a while since I wrote this article and Ive only just got round to updating it for the post 8.3 NAT changes. Here's a complete run through for setting up a DMZ host, for both public and LAN access. [more]
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